Why Organic?

Shimmering wheat and barley, hearty oats and rye—the Canadian prairies are renowned for their brilliant bounty. But the winds of opportunity rustling through these golden plains are more alluring today than ever. With rapidly increasing demand for organic grains, there has never been a better time to transition. Seed by seed, grain by grain, Pivot is here to help you make the change.

The Organic Business Case

Grow with the demand.

Consumers are hungry for organics. Since 2006, the Canadian organic food market has tripled in value. With more than 20 million Canadians buying organic products weekly, it’s clear that consumers have bought in.

Across the globe, demand for organics is flourishing, posing an exciting opportunity for Canadian producers—a US $63-billion market opportunity, to be exact.

$2.8 billion

 in annual Canadian organic food sales.

$458 million

in annual Canadian organic exports.

58% of Canadians

buy organic products every week.

Transition to Organics

Make a natural progression.

The decision is yours. You don’t have to convert your whole farm at once. Many producers start with one or two fields, and create a plan to transition their whole farm over time. Or on the other hand, you may choose to make a faster transition and take advantage of higher profit margins. Whatever you choose, Pivot has the knowledge base and resources to help your farm become more profitable.

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