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The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is pleased to support the following on-farm trials and demonstrations. The trials are spread out across the Prairies and cover diverse topics and questions. Click the pictures below to learn more about each trial or demonstration.


Enviro-scan for the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative


A recent scan was done to discover, categorize and analyze research documents and extension activities and materials that can be used by organic farmers on the Canadian Prairies to improve production practices. We examined the scientific and extension literature for the Canadian Prairies and adjacent USA states, over the last 35 years, with a focus on nutrient and weed management, grain quality and cultivars adapted to organic production.

View or download the Enviro-Scan
 – A summary and overview of organic research and extension on the Prairies

View or download the Organic Agronomy Research and Extension Database – A comprehensive searchable database of research and extension on the Prairies

Authored by Brenda Frick, Bluebur Fluent Organics, Joanna MacKenzie and Andrew Hammermeister, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, Department of Plant and Animal Sciences, Dalhousie University

Other Research Databases and Resources

Organic Field Crops Research – Research that covers a variety of field crops and production techniques.
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.

Organic Science Cluster – an industry-supported research and development endeavor initiated by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada at Dalhousie University in collaboration with the industry applicant, the Organic Federation of Canada.

Natural Systems Agriculture Organic Crops Field Laboratory
Univeristy of Manitoba.

Saskatchewan Organic Production Research Priorities 2017 Report – In the fall of 2016, SaskOrganics conducted a survey to determine the research priorities of organic farmers in Saskatchewan for organic production. This report summarizes the results of the survey.