Learn how to improve your farming practices!


Visit the Pivot and Grow YouTube channel to see what organic grain production can do for you! As we change our perspective, the world around us changes. New insights, more opportunities, and bigger successes all start with a small shift – a pivotal moment. This is what transitioning to organics is all about: taking incremental steps to make a meaningful impact.

How to Produce High Quality Organic Grain

Listen to Scott Shiels share how you can produce high quality grains.

Learn how to maximize returns on your farm, produce a better quality crop, and ensure that your grain maintains that quality once it is harvested and stored.

Strategies for Successful & Sustainable Weed Management

Listen to Katherine Stanley and Scott Shiels discuss the best ways to manage weeds.

Cultural weed control is anything you employ by manipulating a cropping system to make crops more competitive in the presence of weeds. In this video you will hear from Katherine Stanley from the University of Manitoba and Scott Shiels from Grain Millers Canada on strategies and tools such as seeding rate, seeding time, crop variety, and cover crops that will successfully and sustainably manage weeds.

Weeds: The First Emergence

Weeds can tell you a lot about soil life. Learn how from Joanna and Sam.

Weeds are an important part of ecosystems. In this video we will hear from Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada Communications Officer, Joanna Mackenzie, and Sam Godwin, an organic farmer from Central Alberta, about how organic farmers can manage weeds.

Intercropping: Utilizing Every Acre More Efficiently

Learn about the benefits of intercropping on organic farms.

Intercropping is a sustainable practice for organic farmers that not only benefits weed management but also has financial benefits. Ward Middleton, Midmore Farms organic farmer, will share his knowledge of intercropping and how you can benefit from this practice.

The Importance of Understanding Cost of Production

Learn how you can measure and maintain your cost of production in organic production.

In this video, get cost of production tools and advice from certified organic farmers Steven Snider of Little Red Hen Mills and Cathy Halonen of Eldorena Milling Co., and Farm Management Specialist, Roy Arnott, P.Ag.

Grain Quality: From Producer to Consumer

Find out how you can ensure the quality of your grains.

Demand for organic grains is growing at a phenomenal rate. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that consumers can see the quality in your grains. In this video, Scott Shiels from Grain Millers Canada will talk about how you can ensure that your grain is top quality.


The Organic Ratio: Eyes per Acre

Learn how you can get to know your organic farm.

In this video, Midmore Farms operator, Ward Middleton, will talk to us about the importance of knowing your farm. This could be through metrics such as ratios and benchmarks or by walking the fields. Ward tells us that it is this knowledge that cultivates innovation in organic farming.

Planning Crop Rotations: The Diversity is What Makes You

Learn how you can maintain soil fertility and manage weeds through crop rotation. 

Organic farmers use crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and compete against weeds. Listen to Steven Snider, an organic farmer in southern Alberta, share his knowledge on crop rotation and give tips on how you can use crop rotation on your farm.