It’s true that weed management is probably the biggest challenge faced by organic producers. While an organic field will never be 100% weed-free, the organic approach involves a suite of techniques to prevent weeds from adversely affecting crop yields.

Managing Weeds

Weed Management for Organic Producers: Literature Search – Report by Brenda Frick on the principles of weed management. 
Saskatchewan Organic Directorate. 1998

Webinar: Weed Management in Organic Cropping Systems – This webinar will discuss the primary weed control strategies for organic systems: the role of prevention, cultural and mechanical control, crop rotation, crop competition, and cultivation.
USDA NRCS Science and Technology, 2016

Weed Management in Organic Crop Systems – Resource provides multiple weed management and avoidance techniques.
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Using multiple methods key to weed control success – Article discusses combining weed control strategies for maximum effectiveness.
Western Producer. 2008

Weed control can be harrowing experience – Organic Matters  – Article covers post-emergence harrowing as a weed management technique.
Western Producer. 2003

Organic Weed Management – This YouTube video discusses mechanical weed control in organic pulse crops.

Weed Control with a Rotary Hoe – A rotary hoe can control small weeds even under no-till conditions. This video highlights research in western Canada using this piece of equipment.

Seedbeds and Seeding

Variety and Seeding Rate Effects on Competition in Organically Grown Spring Cereals – Research results comparing seeding rates of direct crop varieties on weed control.
OACC. 2007

Exploring Direct Seeding Options for Organic Grains – Research report comparing weed density in spelt fall-seeded on flax with mixed crop stubble into tilled or direct seeded plots.
OACC. 2007

More seeds help controls weeds – Article explains the role of seed rate on weed pressure.
Western Producer. 2008

Cultural Practices

Novel cultural and mechanical weed control for flax.
Organic Science Cluster II. 2015

Weed, disease and grain yield effects of cultivar mixtures in organically managed spring wheat.
Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 2007

Improving Organic Weed Management

Dr. Eric Gallant of the University of Maine presents strategies for weed control at the Western Canadian Organic Webinar Series in 2014.

Success with Organic Grains and Seedbed Preparation

This 2014 video from the University of Georgia Extension discusses preparing a good seed bed for planting and good soil to seed contact can set you up right for a productive crop stand.

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