Green manures are important to consider in building soil fertility. Learn practices and strategies to implement on your farm. 


Green Manure Tool Kit – A one stop resource for everything on Green Manures. From choosing a green manure to management strategies to weed management.
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. 2017

Forage U-Pick – An interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada

Practices and Strategies

Soil Improvements With Legumes – Techniques and management strategies for using legumes in organic systems.
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Green Manuring with Legumes – The benefits and draw backs of using legumes as a green manure.
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Improving Soil Fertility with Green Manure Legume Crops – An overview of using green manures including examples of use..
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Pick green manures for energy efficient nitrogen – Article by Brenda Frick the impact of green manures on soil nitrogen.
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. 2007

Consider green manure in crop rotation – Article by Yvonne Lawley on the role of green manures and types of crops that can be used.
Western Producer. 2004

Capturing the potential of alfalfa – Article by Matthew Wiens and Brenda Frick explores the use of alfalfa as a cover crop.
Western Producer. 2004

Optimizing the nitrogen supply of prairie organic agriculture with green manures and grazing.
University of Manitoba. 2014

Alberta Faba Bean Producers Manual
University of Alberta. 2013

Helpful Links:

Natural Systems Agriculture – Cover Crops and Green Manures
University of Manitoba

OACC Website – Green Manure & Cover Crops
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.