Building Soil Fertility

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It all starts with building healthy soil. Successful organic farming is based on using carefully planned multi-year crop rotations and boosting soil organic matter with green manuring and adding compost.

Soil Biology and Fertility

As Above, So below: Building Community in the soil and in Agriculture – Article by Janine Gibson on the importance of understanding soil biology and ecology in managing soil fertility.
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. 2009

Soil Health and Organic Farming Reports

  • Building Organic Matter for Healthy Soils: An Overview Report
  • Understanding and Optimizing the Community of Soil Life Report
  • Water Management and Water Quality Report
  • Weed Management: An Ecological Approach Report
  • Cover Crops: Selection and Management Report
  • Practical Conservation Tillage Report
  • Plant Genetics: Plant Breeding and Variety Selection Report
  • Understanding and Optimizing the Community of Soil Life Report
  • Organic Practices for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Carbon Sequestration Report

Soil Microbial Interactions and Organic Farming – This resource explores the role of microorganisms, like bacteria, in creating healthy soil ecosystems that benefit organic farms.
Organic Farming Research Foundation, 2016

Measures of Soil and Biological Activity – A guide to different methods for measuring soil biology and biological activity.
eOrganic. 2015

Guide to Soil Invertebrates – An introductory key to the New Zealand invertebrates found in soil and litter but a great resources for anyone in getting acquainted with soil ecosystems.
Massey University

Soil microbial communities and grain quality as affected by spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar and grain mixtures in organic and conventional management systems. 
University of Alberta. 2011

Helpful Links:

OACC Website – Soils and Fertility
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.

Soil Biology Resources
Organic Alberta.

Podcast Episodes:

How to Take Soil and Plant Tissue Samples with Joanne Thiessen Martens and Scott Beaton

Pivot and Grow – Grain on the Brain

Soil Carbon Intro with Monika Gorzelak, Doug Wray, and Kimberly Cornish

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions

Soil Biology with Kimberly Cornish and Dr. Jeff Battigelli
Rural Routes to Climate Solutions

Increasing Soil Organic Matter in Organic Cropping Systems 

Recorded webinar from 2015 with Stuart Grandy and Cynthia Kallenbach of the University of New Hampshire. 

The Plant’s Role in Soil Fertility

Dr. Diane Knight o the University of Saskatchewan presents material on the plant and soil relationship in this recorded webinar in 2014.

Managing Soil Fertility Farmer Panel

Four farmers at the OFCM lead transition workshop at Manitoba Ag Days 2016 talk about how they maintain fertility.

Building Organic Matter for Healthy Soils: An Overview

In this webinar, the presenters discuss the attributes of healthy soil, the central role of organic matter, and how to monitor and enhance soil health in organic production. The presentation will outline key organic practices for building soil organic matter and optimizing soil functions in relation to fertility, crop yield, and resource conservation.

Understanding and Managing Soil Biology for Soil Health and Crop Production

This webinar will examine the functions of the soil food web and key components thereof in promoting soil health and fertility and sustainable organic crop production. Research-based guidance on organic practices and NOP-approved inputs for improved soil food web function will be discussed.

Nutrient Management for Crops, Soil, and the Environment

This webinar was recorded on February 20, 2019 , and presented by Mark Schonbeck of the Organic Farming Research Foundation as part of the Soil Health and Organic Farming webinar series funded by the Clarence Heller Foundation. See all the webinars in this series on this channel as a playlist and find the slide handouts and additional presentation notes at…