Production Resources

Successful Production Practices

Crop husbandry, and in turn, weed management are long-term process that begins long before the crop is seeded. Successful organic farming involves choosing appropriate crops and cultivars, and focusing on soil fertility.

  • Forage U-Pick – An interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada
  • Organic Agronomists – This link will take you to the Business to Business Directory. Once there, click Find a Business, then select “Agronomy Consulting” in the drop-down menu to find a list of agronomists that have been trained to work with organic farmers!

Grain Quality

Managing grain to maintain quality is an important step in preparing your harvest for marketing. Whether it is to be sold for food, feed or seed, learn tips to manage grain once its in the bin.

  • From Harvest to Sale: Maintaining Food Quality in Storage (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

See the Numbers

Understand the costs of transitioning

Whether you’re a new or established farmer, understanding your cost of production is important for a successful transition. Transition and production costs will vary from farm to farm depending on your organic farm plan. Access resources to begin to understand the numbers.

Cost of Production