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Field Farms Marketing

How can producers maintain grain quality in storage?

Maintenance & upkeep of grain storage facilities is important so that the product being stored can be kept dry and pest free. Check and control the moisture of the product on a regular basis, especially during the summer months when moisture levels are higher. To keep pests out of the product, have an appropriate pest control protocol that includes regularly checking the product for signs of contamination throughout the entire year. The products have a shelf life in storage, the longer they are stored the higher potential for pests or moisture to find their way in. Keeping your inventory rolling over every once and a while will keep problems to a minimum.  


What grain drying advice or tips do you have for producers this summer?

The weather conditions must be appropriate for drying to occur if you are using a fan to run air through a storage bin. Warm dry air will bring moisture levels of a product down relatively quickly, but if the air is humid it will not result in the same effect. Turning the fan off too soon can result in uneven drying and can make moisture levels inconsistent. If the weather conditions are appropriate, try to run the fans in your storage bin in the evening to save some costs on hydro.


What time management strategies do you have for producers during harvest?

Prepare all that you can before harvest to maximize your available time when the crop is ready to be taken off the field. This could include preparing storage facilities and equipment in advance.


What can producers do to set themselves up for a successful harvest?

Preparation and cleaning of grain storage and grain handling facilities can help reduce risk of contaminated product. Completing preventative maintenance and checks of harvesting equipment can save time during harvest by reducing the likelihood of breakdowns. Have a plan of attack for your harvest so you have a schedule that you can keep to.  


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