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Grain Millers

How will this summer’s weather impact organic grain quantity and quality this harvest? How does this impact organic producers in Manitoba? in Saskatchewan? and in Alberta?

The weather in Manitoba and most of Saskatchewan this summer was quite similar, with a dry start and a wet finish. Yields will be ok across these 2 regions, and quality should be good if the weather is good through harvest. Up until now, the weather has continued to be wet into the start of harvest, but fortunately it has also been cool, which will mitigate sprouting and mildew damage. In Alberta, the central and Edmonton areas have been quite wet for most of the year, leading to crops that look like they will have good yields, but late harvesting. For the Peace Country, it has been wet all year and continues to be that way. Producers have been telling us for a while now that they are about 10 days from harvest, but that just continues to be the case as it won’t stop raining. For the far north in Alberta, they have been dry all summer, with fortunately cooler temps most of the time. Their crop will be below normal yields, and we should likely expect lighter test weights and higher thin counts in most grains.

What advice do you have for organic producers this harvest?

Take good samples and keep checking your bins if the grain is tough. We have already seen early harvested grain starting to get warm in the bin, and that significantly reduces your marketing opportunities for that grain. Once harvest is done, if your grain is not yet contracted somewhere, send samples out to lots of buyers, you never know where you may find that premium for your grain. And most importantly, work safe out there! There is nothing more important than getting home safe at the end of each and every day!


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