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Market Your Operation

Planning is key. Take advantage of your transition period to seek out buyers for your organic grain products. Talk to them about prices, but also ask questions about the market requirements. What varieties of grain are they looking for? What are the minimum quality requirements? What type of special handling, if any, will make your crop more attractive? By knowing your market requirements and potential buyers you will be ready to hit the ground running when you harvest that first organic crop.

Get Social

Connecting with fellow farmers and industry members can help you stay on the pulse of market opportunities and information.

Organic Grain Prices

Below are the most recently posted prices. Click here for more details about organic grain pricing and market conditions.

Online Directory

Get connected to the right people.

It can be difficult to sell a crop of any kind if nobody knows you have it for sale. Be sure you are listed on the on-line directories through your local provincial organic association. The most successful organic marketers also make the extra effort to get out and meet the buyers at conferences and trade shows. Depending on the season, you may want to tuck some samples of your organic grain into your bag. Many deals are made over coffee at an organic conference or trade show.

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