Rooted in strength: Taking Care of our Families and Ourselves

What is the one piece of machinery you can’t do without in your day-today farming operation? Most people I ask say a tractor. Farmers know that working machinery needs maintenance to stay working. The oil needs to be changed. The motor needs
to be maintained. The tires need to be in good condition, and the tractor constantly needs to be fuelled. What happens if a farmer doesn’t take care of the equipment, like running on dirty oil, low tires, or without fuel? The tractor comes to a sputtering, grinding halt. It sits useless, and the work doesn’t get done.

The human body can be compared to a running piece of machinery. Your brain is like the motor in that tractor. Your organs and limbs are similar to the tires and moving parts. Your body also requires fuel. For some reason, we’re far more prone to care
for our machinery than we are to care for ourselves.

You are the most important machinery in your operation, and a little self-maintenance goes a long way. Eating balanced meals, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep are all important in maintaining your physical and mental health. Your mental health matters.

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