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Transition and production costs will vary from farm to farm depending on your organic farm plan. Use these resources to begin to calculate your production costs. The Manitoba Cost of Production Calculator can be adjusted for farms in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

Production Costs

Guidelines for Estimating Organic Crop Cost of Production in Manitoba
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. 2018

Cost of Production Calculator for Organic Crops – Manitoba
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. 2018

Organic Crop Planning Guide – Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. 2018

Planning and Using Cost of Production

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) economist, Roy Arnott, takes us through the online spreadsheets MAFRD offers and makes the case that these should part of every farmer’s toolbox. He also finds that given current prices, net return to organic production compares favourably with conventional.

Organic Crop Insurance

Each province has a program for organic crop insurance. See their websites for more details.

Alberta – Agriculture Financial Services Corporation

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation