Soil Health Mini Conference

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Soil Health Mini Conference

Join us for a day full of Soil Biology, Soil Amendments, Microbes, and More!

We are very excited to be welcoming Dr. Yamily Zavala from the CARA Soil Health Lab and Dr. Mir M. Seyedbagheri of the University of Idaho

When: February 24 from 10:00am-4:00pm (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Where: Dunvegan Inn and Suites, Fairview, AB

Presenters: Soil Health & Crop Management Specialist Dr. Yamily Zavala and Dr.Mir M. Seyedbagheri of the University of Idaho

For more information and to register, click here.

About the Presenters

Dr. Yamily Zavala

Soil Health & Crop Management Specialist Dr. Yamily Zavala has managed the Chinook Applied Research Association’s crop and soil program for the past five years. Prior to joining the CARA staff, she was a crop production consultant based out of Ottawa where project work took her to Central and South America as well as points in the south and west of Africa. Early in her career, Yamily was a Soil Scientist for the National Agricultural Research Foundation at the Táchira State Research Center in Venezuela.

Yamily’s extensive international experience in restoring soil fertility and improving cropping systems is supported by an education focused on agriculture and soils. She obtained an Agricultural Engineering degree at a university located in the Venezuelan Andes Mountains. She attended Missouri University achieving a Masters in Agronomy (with minor in Soil Science) and earned a Ph.D. in Soil and Plant Nutrition from Cornell University.

Her passion for understanding and improving the health of soils has contributed to improvements in the local agricultural economies where she has worked. In addition to applied research projects, she is currently leading the development of a soil health lab at the CARA Center which will focus on the evaluation of physical and biological soil properties.

Dr. Mir is a professor emeritus at the University of Idaho, specialized in soil science and agronomy, as well as biometeorology. He achieved academic recognition on the Dean’s and National Dean’s Lists when he was in graduate school, and as a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Mir was raised on a farm. He has 36 years of applied research experience in conventional and sustainable ag farming, with an emphasis on soil health, plant, and water relationships. He has reviewed over 30,000 soil, plant tissue, and water analyses for organic and conventional farmers, the ag industry, and various international organic farm projects.

 Mir has implemented countless ag-related projects nationally/internationally on salt remediation and crop production. He was a pioneer in humic substances research in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. His research has been disseminated throughout the state, as well as nationally, and internationally. He was also invited to present on sustainable ag and organic farming at numerous national and international conferences.