Soil Health Academy

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Soil Health Academy


The theme of this soil health academy is regenerative farming and ranching. Topics include:

  • Integrating grazing and cropping systems
  • Reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Reduce labor and machinery costs
  • Build ecological resilience against climate disturbances
  • Build plant, animal, and beneficial insect diversity
  • Enhance grazing productivity, efficiency, and profitability
  • Increase overall farm/ranch profitability
  • Learn how to become an astute observer

Speakers include Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Michael Thiele, and Allen Williams

Date: July 16-18, 2019

Location: Manitoba Beef and Forages Initiatives Learning Centre, Junction of Highways 10 and 353 (11 miles North of Brandon on #10)

Cost: $1275 (USD) Scholarships are available. Apply at www.soilhealthacademy.org

For more information and to register, call 256-996-3142 or go to their website, here.