Get the Dirt on Soil Health – Mountain View County, AB

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Get the Dirt on Soil Health – mountain View County, AB

Soil health is critical to your productivity, to reducing climate impacts including drought and flood and to improving your bottom line. Are you doing everything possible to build and manage it? Come and find out!

You will learn:

  • the science behind soil carbon sequestration and how it is related to soil health, 
  • how to increase soil carbon and soil health by working with soil microbes, 
  • economic and agronomic benefits of taking a proactive approach, 
  • how to make a climate assessment of your operation,
  • how building healthy soil mitigates drought and flood risk,
  • where and how farmers and ranchers fit into the climate change solutions
  • and much more!

Features Dr. Kris Nichols. $30 for FFGA members, $40 for non-members includes light meal.

Date & Time: October 24, 10:00am – 2:30pm
Location: Westerdale Hall, Township Road 322, Mountain View County
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We will be outside for at least part of the day so be sure to dress for the weather. Also bring a ziplock bag with some soil from your farm, something heavy (like a book) to use for a weight, and prepare to get your hands dirty!

All workshop prices include a light meal and a soil tester to make and take home.