Prairie Organics: Think Whole Farm Presentations

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Designing Sustainable Whole Farm Systems

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Chris Boettcher

Biodiversity in Organic Agriculture Helps Yields, Pest Management, and Economics  – Dr. Kathleen Delate

Designing Sustainable Farming Systems – Dr. Martin Entz

Understanding the Carbon Cycle in Agricultural Fields – Jay Fuhrer and Todd McPeak

Resilience and Innovation in Organic Farming – Dr. Caroline Halde

Linking Soil Fertility and Soil Health to Cropping Systems Design – Dr. Derek Lynch

Good to Great – Tom Frantzen

Green Manures. Ask an Expert – Dr. Derek Lynch, Dr. Martin Entz and Dr. Kathleen Delate

Have your cake and eat it too? Green manures to generate income while building soil – Dr. Joanne Thiessen Martens and Ian Grossert

Grain Production

Farm Equipment. The Best Bang for your Buck – Jeremiah Evans and Ward Middleton. Moderated by Dr. Steve Shirtliffe

Producers Make the Case for the Best Specialty Crop to Grow on the Prairies – Franz Kracher, Larry Marshall, Alan McKenzie and Larry Pollock

Beating them Down and Cutting them Off  – Dr. Steve Shirtliffe and Katherine Stanley

Livestock Production

Improving the Economic and Environmental Performance of your Beef Operation – Ryan Boyd, Brian Harper and Todd McPeak. Moderated by Jay Fuhrer

Integrating Field Crops and Vegetable Production

Growing High Yielding High Quality Organic Grains and Vegetables in Manitoba – Marvin Dyck

Vegetable Marketing

The Organic Advantage – Organic Vegetable Production – Gunta Vitins