Prairie Organic Grain Initiative March Teleconference Call

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Prairie Organic Grain Supply Chain: Challenges & Opportunities

Our speaker, Leslie Johnson, Pipeline Foods presented on:

  • The challenges that Pipeline Foods sees with the existing organic grain supply chain
  • The current state of the prairie organic grain supply chain, the future state of the supply chain, etc.
  • Initiatives that the Prairie organic grain sector can undertake to shorten and straighten the supply chain

Leslie Johnson, merchandiser, Pipeline Foods

Prior to joining Pipeline Foods, Leslie worked for both Associated Proteins LP and Paterson Grain in a variety of roles. She has been committed to organics since 2011 as Marketing Manager for Growers International Organic Sales Inc. Leslie graduated from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce (honours) degree.

When not at work, Leslie enjoys running, reading and spending time with family and friends. Although born and raised a farm girl, she now lives in Winnipeg with her husband Josh and young son, William.

About Pipeline Foods

Pipeline Foods LLC, the first U.S.-based supply chain solutions company focused exclusively on non-GMO and organic food and feed, is growing its business in the Midwest. Pipeline Foods works to accelerate the adoption of regenerative farming practices in the U.S. They bring supply chain expertise and infrastructure to the specialty processing market, clearing the path for farmers who want to move to organic processing, and simplify the supply chain for organic food and ingredients.