New Funding for On-Farm Nutrient Management

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The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is delighted to be the recipient of one of six grants awarded by the Organic Farming Research Foundation for the new Nutrient Budgeting Program being launched for organic grain producers across the Canadian prairies.

Iris Vaisman, Organic Production Optimization Program Manager, Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, shares the value of this funding:

“We are very excited for this project to be receiving funding from the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF). OFRF is supporting work that is relevant to the improvement and adoption of organic farming systems, and has identified soil health as a top concern of organic farmers. The funding from OFRF allows the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative to work together with Dr. Martin Entz and Joanne Thiessen Martens from the University of Manitoba to expand the exciting work they have been doing with farmers on nutrient management planning. We know that nutrient management can be a challenge for many organic farmers, and the goal of the program is to help farmers understand their needs, therefore make more informed management decisions. We are looking forward to working on this collaborative effort between farmers, agronomists, the University of Manitoba, OFRF and POGI.”