Prairie Organic Grain Initiative February Teleconference Call

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Intercropping: A Conventional Farmer’s Perspective

Our speaker, Colin Rosengren, owner-operator of Rosengren Farmers Inc. presented on:

  • The impact of intercropping on his own farm (soil health, profitability, livestock integration, etc.)
  • When he talks with farmers about this concept, what type of response does he get?
  • What Colin thinks is the biggest barrier to farmers incorporating intercropping into their management practices?
  • In Colin’s view, what the value chain (e.g., grain buyers, industry, etc. – like the people on this call) can do to properly support and accommodate intercroppers

Colin Rosengren, Rosengren Farms Inc.

Colin is owner-operator of Rosengren Farms near Midale, SK and a co-founder and shareholder in Campresso, the Saskatchewan-based camelina oil pressing company that owns the Three Farmers brand. He is also the Vice President of Agronomic Practice and Protocols at Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. Colin is a third generation farmer who is an early adopter of innovative production practices such as zero-till and intercropping.