Canadian Government Puts out Tender for “Buy Canadian” Campaign

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Canadian Government Puts out Tender for “Buy Canadian” Campaign

The Government of Canada will soon be rolling out its Buy Canadian campaign across the nation, but first it must find a marketing firm to stick-handle using the $1.5 to $4 million yearly budgetIn a notice posted to a government job portal, they’re on the hunt for a firm to help with their digitally-focused campaign to be launched this summer.

In the contract the government states, “Budget 2019 committed an investment of $25 million over five years for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to develop a national approach to better connect Canadians with and instill pride in Canada’s food system and its agriculture, food and seafood products which is part of the new Canada’s Food Policy.”

The national campaign aims to:

  • Tell the story of, and build pride in, Canada’s food sector and highlight the advantages of its products;
  • Increase confidence by providing transparency on where and how food is made;
  • Showcase federal and sector investments to continuously improve production practices and Canada’s food system;
  • Gain recognition for the work of Canadian producers and build public trust; and
  • Promote Canadian products in the domestic market.

Through various mediums such as special events, grocery store promotions, online advertisements, and more, AAFC’s is wanting there to be consideration to target “underrepresented groups such as women, seniors, Indigenous Canadians and Official Language Minority groups,” according to the job posting.