Stuart McMillan

About Stuart

Stuart McMillan received a B.Sc. in Agroecology from the University of Manitoba and an M.Sc. focusing on organic agriculture from the Swedish Agricultural University. He is the Chair of the International Organic Inspectors Association and a full-time organic inspector working mostly in western North America. Stuart has 20 years of experience with organic production in six different countries. He and his family also run a small certified organic vegetable farm in central Manitoba.

What Makes Stuart a Champion?

Stuart has been involved in the organic sector for many years, has worked as an organic inspector, and sits on the board of the International Organic Inspectors Association. His insight is what truly sets him apart. His experience has given him the ability to determine what is happening on the farm level, and tie it to larger sector challenges and areas for improvement. His insights always speak to where we should be heading and how to get there.