An innovative farmer and leader, thinking outside the box.

Scott Beaton

About Scott

Scott operates an organic mixed grain farm near Rosser, MB. His goal is to produce good food in an agro-ecosystem that reduces inputs, emissions, and impact on the environment while improving soil health, sequestering carbon, and fostering resilience by reducing vulnerability due to climate change.

Farm location:

Rosser, MB


640 acres total

500 acres cultivated

120 acres of conservation habitat

What Makes Scott a Champion?

Scott is a very innovative producer in many ways. Not only did he start his own farm from scratch, but he is constantly experimenting with new equipment, techniques and approaches. He leads by example and pushes producers to constantly evolve their best management practices. He thinks outside of the box, and isn’t afraid to try new things. He is happy to share his successes and help others learn from his mistakes. He is inquisitive, thinks critically, and is always willing to collaborate for the sake of the industry. Scott is an outstanding example of leadership, dedication, and innovation in the industry.

From Scott

“I think the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has done excellent work with their partners in bringing green manure selection and management into the spotlight of designing a good rotation.  Soil health is paramount in organic cropping systems, and so feeding and protecting your soil in green manure years rather than summer-fallowing will go a long way in my mind to increasing sustainability in our operations. I like to see the agronomy research done within the optimization stream, and I hope the industry continues funding to support it.

POGI also does important marketing work on behalf of producers. The provinces are better served in the long run by helping existing growers maintain profitability. As such, funding to market Canadian organic products will support producers, encourage transition, ingenuity and a stable supply of organic commodities.”