Marie-Eve Levert

About Marie-Eve

Marie-Eve is the founder of Levert Organic Strategy, a consultancy company that helps business navigate the organic landscape, seize market opportunities, and connect. Marie-Eve co-chairs the Organic Value Chain Roundtable, a platform for collaboration between industry and the federal government. She holds an MA in public administration from the University of Ottawa.

Marie-Eve’s support for POGI began during a previous position at the Canada Organic Trade Association, where she worked on regulatory affairs and directed international trade missions. She collaborated with POGI on strategies for filling gaps in organic agricultural data while also opening doors to international markets.

From 2017-2019, Marie-Eve was the national co-director of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, POGI’s biggest industry sponsor. Marie-Eve engaged with POGI, both as an advisory committee member and through her work with Iris Vaisman, POGI optimization program manager, who also coordinates Bauta’s prairie region programming. Marie-Eve and her staff worked with POGI and its stakeholders on participatory plant breeding projects, workshops and other initiatives that furthered both Bauta’s mandate of increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of organic seed and POGI’s work in organic grain production. As Iris says, “Marie-Eve has genuine love and care and respect for farmers, and for organic and ecological methods of growing.”

What Makes Marie-Eve a Champion?

With her intimate knowledge of the national and international organic sector, Marie-Eve brings an invaluable perspective to the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative. Bright, decisive, and a good listener, she has served both the market development and transition advisory committees. Her unfailing willingness to work together toward mutual goals coupled with her ability to digest details quickly and suggest a way forward has proven especially beneficial. Well respected in the field, she also helped to ensure that POGI has the funding and connections needed to follow its vision.

From Marie-Eve

“Three things make the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative really unique and impactful: its scale, its depth and its collaborative nature. The first Canadian organic initiative of this scale, POGI has had great success in developing tools for organic and transitioning farmers while also developing a common vision for regional associations. What stands out for me is the quality of the people involved. They’re always at the forefront, and they’re not afraid to ask difficult questions to make sure what they’re creating is relevant for the long term. They’ve been a good voice – an amplifier of the important message that we need more good quality organic grain in this country, and that good quality grain requires good quality seed.”