Laura Telford

About Laura

Laura Telford has spent the last 12 years working to build the capacity of organizations and individual businesses within the organic sector. Her focus is working with agricultural producers and processors to ensure they have the skills they need to build resilient and profitable businesses. Laura has a Ph.D. from Queen’s University in Psychology and spent seven years conducting research in the field of Neuroscience prior to leaving academia to pursue her environmental interests. She has worked as a lobbyist for an environmental advocacy group and joined the organic sector in 2003 as the National Director for Canadian Organic Growers. Since 2011, she has worked as the organic specialist for Manitoba Agriculture. She has authored many reports about the capacity needs of Canada’s organic sector and is co-author of two books on organic livestock and field crop production.

What Makes Laura a Champion?

Laura is a visionary. She has an amazing ability to see the whole picture – from farmers, to industry, to the environment and landscape. Her deep love for the environment and those who care for it have made her a lifelong advocate for the industry. She challenges those around her to be their very best, to think outside of the box, and tirelessly pushes to increase the resiliency and stability of organics in the prairies.

From Laura

Organic producers have persevered in the dark for years, often doing their own experimentation and finding what they need to know from the few experienced organic producers scattered across the Prairies. With the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, organic producers have greater access to information about organic production, and research findings are more readily available. POGI has done a great job not only of aggregating the useful production information, and getting this information out to farmers in a form they can use whether it be workshops, conferences, farm tours, fact sheets, or other.”