Dag Falck

About Dag

Dag Falck was educated as an Agronomist in Norway. With a background in agriculture and his strong interest in health, organic farming, and food he became involved with organic certification in 1989, inspecting organic farms and complex processors for the next 14 years.

Dag is currently working for Nature’s Path Food Inc., North America’s largest organic breakfast cereal producer. As their Organic Program Manager, he oversees all aspects of the company’s organic supplies, policies and consumer interactions.

He is active in the organic industry, and currently is the President of Canada Organic Trade Association and sits on numerous working groups and task-forces.

What Makes Dag a Champion?

Dag Falck is a true organic champion. Not only does he promote the benefits of organic food and farming in his day job with Nature’s Path, he walks the talk. Dag has been an important contributor to the growth of the organic sector in Canada and beyond. He cares deeply about the projects he is involved with and they are always the better for his involvement. Dag’s long-term view, past and future, strengthens decision making and implementation plans. He leads through example, showing us that it is possible to grow the sector and stay true to organic principles. Dag brings all of this (and more) to his role as a POGI Steering Committee member and the project is stronger and more robust as a result.

From Dag

“The POGI project (Prairie Organic Grain Initiative) is a first of its kind in the three Canadian Western prairie provinces. It has galvanized human and financial resources to work together to share with Canadian farmers and processors the opportunities that exist through the organic market. Not only are there financial opportunities for farmers and primary processors, there are also many who wish to find ways to take part in the health and environmental contributions of the organic movement.

It’s time for organics to confidently take its seat at the table of Canadian agriculture, to participate and share successes and learnings, and to welcome interested folks to learn more about an often-misunderstood segment of Canadian agriculture.

POGI has been a powerful and positive rallying point, around which the latest organic agronomic practices have been showcased, and a place to address better infrastructure for the movement of organic grains, oilseeds and pulses from farms to consumers. I’m excited, optimistic and curious to follow the success of the organic market, and organics contributions to agriculture over the next 3-year phase of POGI.”