Organic Farming on the Prairies Second Edition

Edited by Brenda Frick
Produced by the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Includes a history of organics on the Canadian prairies and the philosophy of organics. Provides information on organic principles including soil, weeds, diseases and pests, field crop production, fruit production, vegetable production, livestock production, and marketing.

Cost: $40

Organic Field Crop Handbook THIRD Edition

Edited by Janet Wallace
Produced by the Canadian Organic Growers

The Organic Field Crop Handbook – 3rd Edition (448 pages), provides a road map to field crop producers who aspire to improve the environmental sustainability and profitability of their farming operations. It is intended for organic farmers as well as for producers who want to reduce their reliance on external inputs while improving knowledge of non-chemical weed management and natural methods to enhance soil fertility.

Cost: $45

Record Keeping for Organic Growers

Authored by Kristine Swaren and Rowena Hopkins
Produced by the Canadian Organic Growers

A practical handbook for organic, transitional and conventional growers on record keeping for organic certification. Includes information on the how and why of record keeping, farm records, applying for certification, using your records to verify organic integrity and getting better at record keeping. Templates included.

Cost: $25

Gaining Ground – Making a Successful Transition for Organic Farming

Produced by: Canadian Organic Growers

Information on getting starting and managing the transition. Covers managing the transition in the field and in the farm business as well as details on certification.

Cost: $5

Business to Business Directory

Produced by: COABC, Organic Alberta, SaskOrganic, and Manitoba Organic Alliance

This directory is being distributed to all organic producers and businesses by the provincial associations and their governments.

Cost: $6 + GST + paypal fee for printed version (Available free online)