Shift to organics

Why Organics?

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Production Practices

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It’s your chance to grow

See what organic grain production can do for you.

As we change our perspective, the world around us changes. New insights, more opportunities and bigger successes all start with a small shift— a pivotal moment. This is what transitioning to organics is all about: taking incremental steps to make a meaningful impact.

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Pivot and grow

Lower inputs, higher profits and enormous demand—there has never been a better time to transition to organic grain production. Whether you’re a new or established farmer, Pivot connects you with the resources and support you need to get growing.


Get the right tools

Let’s make your transition to organic grains a simple one. With thousands of organic farmers, processors and handlers already thriving in Canada, you’re building on a well-established body of knowledge and experience. Stay up to date on all the best practices for organic grain production and marketing.